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Automatic Update not working

Sun, 23 May 2021 05:32:45 GMT

For me, the automatic update didn't seem to work after the Windows 2H20 version installed itself.. For days i've been trying to work out with Microsoft why I couldn't right click any items on the taskbar. . It got to the point where they were telling me to reinstall Windows !! And then I randomly remembered my installation of Startisback++. I checked, and it was set to automatically update and said it was v2.9.1. However the website has v2.9.1.3. So I went and installed the website version, and hey presto it fixed the problem. I'm not complaining as such. And there's no need to reply., just if there is an issue with Auto Update then I just want to mention it. And also incase a Google bot picks this up, it might help someone else having a right click issue.