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bug fund?

Fri, 31 Jan 2020 16:10:16 GMT

Hi all, i think i've found a bug in start is back. My configuration is: pc with 16gb of ram, window 10 1809 and startisback++ 2.9. When the ram usage reaches 13/14gb and is approaching the limit of 16gb (this usually happens when i keep chrome open with loads of tabs for hours) windows tries to free up memory and i think something happens in the explorer.exe process. From that point when i try to right click on any icon in windows taskbar, the right click menu doesn't' show up. To fix this i have to restart the explorer process and everything goes back to normal. I've done the same test deleting startisback and the issue IS NOT happening. So i think it depends by startisback. Can you guys try to re-create the issue and confirm if happens for you as well? thanks all in advance