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O&O Shutup++ Software

Mon, 09 May 2022 02:11:22 GMT

Hi I use a this software to block the bs that windows 10 uses for more protection as disabling telemetry and stuff. I was wondering what can affect this to work right as I have tons of colorful layout of startisback as a nice clean thing when I hover my mouse on the icons of my taskbar and the the style with the windows explorer. I look for taskbar things that might be affecting it and only thing I can conclude is the weather taskbar features that I disabled with. Will this conflict? Or as what other things could be conflicting lmao Not the files explorer to be more exact here. Some things don't work right when disabling things for O&O program on the layout I have. Idk if the weathers system will affect the taskbar or not. I usually use linux but with game and software support I use more windows because of it.