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Taskbar font smoothing

Wed, 17 Mar 2021 21:33:27 GMT

Is it possible to disable the font smoothing in the taskbar through startisback skins? I tried editing a skin but I don't think I could make that change in the skin. Nevertheless, I think I was able to get my modified skin to appear (as I changed some random stuff and it seemed to take effect) even though it's pretty confusing how it relates to the start menu skin. So if it's POSSIBLE to do through the skin, I will persist and figure it out. Otherwise, would it be possible for you to add an option to control this? I don't know if you're drawing that part of the taskbar, though. I was not able to succeed with font substitutes, either. I know there's a lot of chatter about this online but I couldn't find any here yet so I thought I'd ask