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Thinner Vertical Taskbar

Sun, 14 Nov 2021 10:35:08 GMT

Would it be possible to reduce the thickness of the taskbar when it is vertical (on the left edge)? I can currently resize it, but it is still taking a lot of space and the notification icons are in two columns. I used to use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker while on Windows 10, but it doesn't support W11. It allowed me to remove the minimum width limit on vertical taskbars. Currently, the min width is around 62 pixels. Ideally, I would like to reduce it to around 48 pixels. [Untitled](//

Sun, 21 Nov 2021 03:24:19 GMT

please no_width_limit 1

Mon, 22 Nov 2021 11:27:24 GMT

Reduced from _62_ to _54_ in 3.1. There are issues if it goes narrower.