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Let's beautify Start is back+

Iam FFinder
Sun, 08 Dec 2013 12:58:43 GMT

There is an adage that says [a picture is worth a thousand words] Here's what Start is back+ can look like with icons for the right side items: Click the Start button and instantly see Favorites! That red heart icon is far easier and far faster to spot, than reading the text of the right side items, to find the item your are looking for! So please wonderful team of Start is back+ developers. Give us the option to add icons to the right side items. That will make Start is back+ more beautiful and easier! I think it should look something like this for each of the right side items: Documents O Don't display O Link O Menu [Browse] for icon Pictures O Don't display O Link O Menu [Browse] for icon Favorites O Don't display O Link O Menu [Browse] for icon Btw, thanks for adding [v] Use multi-column flyout menus for right side items in custom folders! Now its so easy to browse really long directories. You are amazing! ff

Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:03:12 GMT

Sorry, that just looks awful. There's Classic Shell for your demands.