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Option to show "Frequent items/apps" in addition to "Recent items/apps"

Thu, 22 Apr 2021 11:48:27 GMT

SIB allows the user to add "Recent items" to the right start menu pane. Additionally, recently used apps are shown in the lower left pane of the start menu below the pinned apps in the upper left pane: Screenshot: [Rightpane_recent_items](// The "Recent Items" folder in the right pane is a special functional Windows system folder which is filled by Windows with *recently* used items. But Windows also has a second special folder which is called "Frequent items" and is filled with *frequently* used items. (Recent and frequent items are different.) It would be great if SIB allowed the users to add this Frequent item folder to the right pane as well in addition to the "Recent items" folder. In analogy to the folders mentioned above there should be an additional option in the SIB preferences affecting the recently used apps in the lower left start menu pane. Right now this pane shows only the recently used apps but it would be nice if there would be an option in the SIB preferences to toggle between "show frequent apps" and "show recent apps" in that place.