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Tiny exe files I found for windows taskbar

Sun, 20 Sep 2020 17:06:39 GMT

Theres some tiny exe files I found that help out. Namely, 1. Percentage: shows percentage of battery. Its a small black square with a number, I just ordered it next to the battery icon. 2. Caffeine: Caffeinne mode. It's a little coffee mug icon. That doesn't allow windows to go to sleep. double tap the mug icon (filled) and it'll turn off (mug is empty) double tap it again, and it'll start (filled mug icon) 3. Netspeedmonitor: Tells your network speed. I have percentage and caffeine added to shell:startup to run when I boot. My Idea: In the SIB configuration page (properties of SIB). A new tab "Extenstions" where I can just enable these three. Only Netspeedmonitor needs config options. Reason: Makes SIB more useful, and I don't need to have to use those 3 other apps.