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Taskbar height issue when using StartAllBack

Mon, 11 Oct 2021 00:26:46 GMT

Hi, I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and then found the context menu and explorer toolbar style options in StartAllBack useful. I prefer using Windows 11 taskbar and start menu, so I disabled them and only use explorer tweaks. I use an external monitor when at home and found a issue. When connected to the external monitor, the taskbar height went wrong and taskbar overlaps maximazed apps. I tried switching display using Win+P, and that's the issue. Everytime after switching display, the taskbar height will go wrong and it will start to overlap apps (seems to be Windows 10 taskbar height), and all flyouts and taskbar context menu will show a bit lower than normal. You can see the following images: [Normal](// [Wrong](// Hope you can fix the issue soon, thanks!