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Windows 11 quick settings only accessible by clicking on the system tray volume

Sun, 24 Apr 2022 06:45:44 GMT

The stock Windows 11 taskbar AND stardock11 taskbar both group wifi icon and volumn icon together in a single click on the system tray. Then clicking on that one click opens the QuickSettings. At the moment, StartAllBack separates wifi and volume in to its own clickable icons, which makes it a little odd to click on the volume icon to bring up the quick settings. There does not seem to be any other logical icon to click to bring up QuickSettings. My less tech savy family and friends struggle to find their quick settings when using StartAllBack Feature request: Use the same approach as stock Windows 11 taskbar, and group the wifi and volume icon in to one click bubble that will open the QuickSettings.

Sun, 24 Apr 2022 12:19:56 GMT

You can enable Control Center icon and disable others. Why would you install SAB for less tech savvy family and friends?