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Pitchfork Review

Sat, 06 Oct 2018 07:01:05 GMT

Pitchfork's review of the remastered reissues is up.

Sat, 06 Oct 2018 07:16:35 GMT

Very good.

Puppet the Friend
Sun, 07 Oct 2018 01:18:38 GMT

Except the scores were too low.

Mon, 08 Oct 2018 07:42:35 GMT

Agreed. I think both the content and remastering (didn't even mention the quality of the remaster vs the original) are 9+.

Fri, 12 Oct 2018 19:48:12 GMT

Thank you for your help.

jeff w
Thu, 18 Jul 2019 16:51:58 GMT

Pitchfork revisits 5 groop albums - here's MAQ by Philip Sherburne

jeff w
Thu, 18 Jul 2019 17:00:09 GMT

Peng! by Nina Corcoran Low Fi by Mark Richardson ETK by Jesse Dorris TRNBWAzzzzz by Josephine Livingstone