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Petition - Lights at Traffic Calming, Woodstock Road

Sun, 03 Sep 2017 13:54:46 GMT

Lights at Traffic Calming in Woodstock Road - Sign the Petition. Many of you will be aware that lighting is planned to accompany the new traffic calming lay-out at the start of Woodstock Road. Residents have indicated their dismay at the introduction of lights to the village in view of the strong feelings expressed in earlier consultations that Stonesfield should remain traffic light free. The reasons for this include: Villagers value their dark skies - especially residents interested in astronomy and wildlife Villagers object to urbanisation - we are not a suburb Villagers object to the unacceptable aesthetic impact of street lights Street light are not needed and would be an unnecessary waste of resources Light pollution is too prevalent and should be avoided where possible I have set up a petition to send to the Parish Council. This can be accessed electronically at or you can sign it at the village shop. I have written to the Parish Council asking them to request the County Council to chang e the type of traffic calming to a light-free style and alerting them that a petition is to be expected. I will update them for their 14 September meeting on the progress of the on-line petition so a speedy sign-up from you would be great. Thank you for your support . Sue Corrigan