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Stonesfileld Digital Photographic Society - Coming Soon

Sun, 07 Feb 2016 21:33:48 GMT

Having very recently moved to Stonesfield, I’d like to start a club for those who want to meet to enjoy the art and science of Digital Photography. It’s a hobby that has taken me all over the world over the last 15 years and now that I’m based in Stonesfield, I’d really like to try and organise a forum where people of all skill levels can meet to show and display their work, talk technology, learn and share new techniques and arrange workshops covering specific topics. Does this sound interesting? Let me tell you a little bit about the kind of places I’ve been and what I’ve photographed so that you know what you may be getting yourself into. Landscape Photography: Ground based and aerial photography all over the world Wild Life: Birds of prey in flight and at the moment of catching prey, the migration of wildebeest, and many others. Sport: Oxford University’s rugby, football, cricket, boat race and martial arts teams. Superbikes world champions. Abstract and scientific photography: Use of flash more specialised equipment to achieve some very interesting and amazing ef fects. Still interested? Ok, so let’s do something about it. Please email or call me, Gurinder Punn:, 01993 891328 if you'd like to be involved. [Deer](// [Blenheim Palace](// [Kingfisher](// [Osprey](// [Owl](//