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After defeat by Wolfpack: Where do we go from here?

David Scott
Sun, 17 Mar 2019 19:28:17 GMT

After a somewhat predictable defeat in Hull to the Toronto Wolfpack today, Batley find themselves in a precarious situation. Only one win in seven games does not bode well for the future, and quesiton are being raised by supporters whether it might be time for a change of coach. In the pre-season there have been some spectacular developments and signings by a number of Championship sides. With *Toronto*, *Toulouse* and *Widnes* (in spite of the 12 point deduction they have faced) we have three sides who should be vying for the top of the division. *Halifax*, *Leigh* and *Featherstone* are sides that should be just behind them when it comes to the honours. Especially *York*, but also *Bradford* have strengthened their teams considerably and should not be far from the top. *Sheffield* have also spent lots of money in their bid to leave the nether regions of the league behind them, and at the moment at least, it seems to be paying off. so where do the *Bulldogs* fit in? where other teams have caused eyebrows to be raised by investing in their teams, it seems that t he Bulldogs might have been left behind. No chance of any substantial investment, as Batley only spend what they earn. It might seem like a sensible strategy, but at the moment it simply looks like one that might lead us straight into Championship League 1 next year, and that can't be the solution. No chance of the coach being replaced, because as we know from our Chairman, Batley do not sack their coaches. So where _do_ we go from here?