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Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'classList' of undefined

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 11:02:58 GMT

Hi Everybody, Hello everybody, first of all a happy new year and lots of appreciation for this great product. I use Swiper in version 3.4.2 and wanted to convert it to version 4. This seems to have changed a lot. I've noticed that some properties are used differently. This I had already changed over after the conversion according to the new Api. Unfortunately I get the following error in the Chrome Console. [Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-03 um 11](//muut.com/u/swiper/s1/:swiper:Qar4:bildschirmfoto20180103um11.56.10.png.jpg) Could someone help me and tell in principle by which misconfiguration this error could come about? All I need is a rough approach to troubleshooting. here is also a List of my current 3.4.2 Swiper configuration. this.thisSwiper = new Swiper(this.rootNode, { nextButton: nextClass, pagination: paginationClass, paginationType: this.paginationType, prevButton: prevClass, preloadImages: this.preloadImages, updateOnImagesReady: this.updateOnImagesReady, lazyLoading: true, lazyLoadingInPrevNext: true, lazyLoadingInPrevNextAmount: 2, lazyLoadingOnTransitionStart: true, paginationClickable: true, spaceBetween: this.spaceBetween, slidesPerView: this.slidesPerView, slidesPerColumn: this.slidesPerColumn, slidesPerGroup: this.slidesPerGroup, watchSlidesVisibility: this.watchSlidesVisibility, autoplay: this.autoplayDuration, direction: this.direction, initialSlide: this.initialSlide, grabCursor: true, loop: this.loop, mousewheelControl: this.mousewheelControl, roundLengths: true, autoHeight: this.autoHeight, paginationOnImageBottom: false, zoom: false, runCallbacksOnInit: true }); Thanks a lot! Best Peter