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GenericDAO - not getting generated for persistance-spring-jdbc

Sun, 08 Nov 2015 05:22:44 GMT

I had generated java files for persistance-spring-jdbc for one table called Departments. I can see the following files generated. - Bean - Interface - DAO impl In I see the following import import org.demo.dao.impl.spring.commons.GenericDAO; I really cannot find this GenericDAO. As per the import statement, it should be in the folder, org/demo/dao/impl/spring/commons. But this file is not generated. Please help / clarify. Thanks in advance, Raj.

Sun, 08 Nov 2015 05:38:49 GMT

I found the solution, When I do bulk generation, org.demo.dao.impl.spring.commons.GenericDAO was created. Thanks for the wonderful tool.