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version 3.0.0 RC11

Fri, 23 Dec 2016 21:25:10 GMT

Eclipse Version: 4.6.1.v20160907-1200 If I were to install this over the top of v2.1.1, what would I need to do to be able to to open databases.dbcfg? The UI shows a partially initialized editor with the error: XML error : Cannot parse : IOException. The Eclipse .log file has: !MESSAGE Unable to initialize part !STACK 0 <...path to my project...>\TelosysTools\databases.dbcfg (The system cannot find the path specified) My path does not have any spaces in it.

Tue, 10 Jan 2017 20:18:26 GMT

The issue for this appears to be that the path for the .dbcfg is being calculated wrong. I created a new test Project Name "Code Generation Test"; however, the path is without spaces and NOT under the workspace: C:\Users\caclark\Projects\TestProjects\CodeGenerationTest. From the Project->Properties, the FQ filename is then C:\Users\caclark\Projects\TestProjects\CodeGenerationTest\TelosysTools \databases.dbcfg. The error message that is thrown has this value for the file name that cannot be found: C:\Users\caclark\Workspaces\Seaton-Head-2016-10-18\CodeGenerationTest\ TelosysTools\databases.dbcfg. Note the difference in the 3rd part of the reported path and the 4th in the error message not existing in the actual path. This path is being built using the workspace root, not the FQ name from the file itself. If I move the test project underneath the workspace it opens file the correctly. This is a regression from 2.1.1 which opened the file fine.