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There needs to be better terminology for migraines

Sat, 09 Mar 2019 00:05:10 GMT

Doctors need to have better terminology for more severe forms of migraine. It just isn’t fair to those of us who are struggling through a life ruining disorder. In a work environment, “migraine” means “excuse”. There is no way of changing this by explaining. To the foreman or manager, further explanation is just more excuses. What do you guys think would be a better name for your migraines? Here are a few I can think of: Cerebral betrayal syndrome Brain Inferno Hell syndrome Self damaging brainitis (my migraines have left me with nice little frontal lobe lesions) All bad jokes aside. It seems like no doctor understand that migraine isn’t a diagnosis that non-doctors respect or understand. It’s like saying that you can’t work because you have a bruise on your arm. A diagnosis of migrain leaves many people in denial because they believe the stigma. They look for chronic illnesses that aren’t there or misdiagnose themselves with something else because they need a “real” diagnosis. Many coworkers and bosses are more likely to believe Lyme disease or chronic fatigue syndrome. Someone I know claims to have multiple chemical sensitivity, but all his symptoms are classic migraine symptoms, but of course migraines wouldn’t cause such horrible debilitating symptoms in his mind, so it is easier for him to believe it is something else.

Fri, 15 Mar 2019 12:43:22 GMT

Hell syndrome. Life ruiner. Losing the will to live disease. I'm tired of having cbt suggested to me to deal with the depression of this condition, with consultants believing once i change my mood, the migraine will go away. I understand the mind body connection but it's 100% not applicable to me. I can be feeling happy as larry then out of nowhere feel terrible. I'll feel happier if you jolly well give me some relief from this hell!