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2nd Round of FTP Testing Coming Up!

Tue, 16 Feb 2016 16:28:23 GMT

Note: Longish, but hopefully valuable post below. LOL. I'll be hosting the 2nd round of FTP testing, starting the first week of March. The Test we use is the Allen and Coggan test, directly out of their book "Training and Racing with Power Meters". Kurt Kinetic used their FTP test profile, in their Kinetic Fit software. If you have an iphone, you go to the app store and download the free "Kinetic Fit" app. Then you'll ride the FTP Test profile/workout. The 75 minute test starts with a 20 minute easy warm up, 3 x 1 minute windups, with a minute rest between, to get some heat in the legs. Then, 5 minutes easy spin followed by 5 minutes at TT pace, to get a burn going and jump start your Lactic Acid system. Then 10 minutes recovery spin followed by the real 20 minute, all-out, TT paced FTP test section. When complete, the software multiplies your 20 min power average by 0.95 and yields your FTP, in Watts. Then it automatically sets up your personal power zones 1 through 7 and you're off and running. Zone 1 = Active Recovery, Zone 2 = Endurance, Zone 3 = Tempo, Zone 4 = Lactate Threshold, Zone 5 = VO2max, Zone 6 = Anaerobic capacity and Zone 7 = Neuromuscular Power (All out sprint). In my classes, I'm using the Kinetic Fit app's built in training rides/profiles, with specific goals, such as tonight's goal of building sustainable power, HIIT, sprint work, VO2max or whatever. We are trying to build base right now, but as we approach outdoor season, I'm slowly ramping up intensity and varying the work outs. I announce what "ride profile" I'm using, before class, so those riders on the Green Kinetic trainers can actually follow along, by simultaneously launching that profile on their iphones, in the app. It's then a little like playing a video game, where you keep your power in the zone the software tells you to, varying cadence and gear selection, to the beat of the music I've chosen, to stay in the correct zone. There's even a real-time graph that shows target power vs the power you're putting out, to keep you on track. These workouts are designed to be perfectly synergistic with Brian Staiger's Thursday and Sunday training events. Our Riding Club goal is to maximize your fitness level, your calorie burn, your stress relief, and your strength on the bike, while minimizing the chances for injury and shortening recovery times, between workouts. If you have an Android phone, there is a beta version, but it's not full-featured yet. I have let a few people borrow my iphone for the test and it works well. We are also keeping track of KOMs and QOMs for the THS club and the THS team riders, for highest FTP # (Currently Joe Quanne @ 253 Watts) and highest peak sprint power (currently me @ 1050 Watts). I believe Danielle currently holds the QOM on both FTP (at 141 Watts) and Peak Power (550 Watts ?). So if you have a competitive nature, come try and knock us off the mountain! There are, I think, a total of six trainers with the inRide power meter setup, right now. So space will be limited for the FTP tests, but feel free to contact me at anytime, if you want to take the "exam". I'd be delighted to Proctor for you. I have a kickin' sound track to ride, to keep you motivated. Here is a link discussing why you want to know your FTP and what to do with it once you know it, directly from the USA Cycling Web site. Happy Training, Christopher - Ride Leader - THS-BMW Racing Team.