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Single Stepper Board rev. 1.3

Thu, 14 Aug 2014 13:34:20 GMT

Seeing that the SSB 1.2 revision has the tendency to blow up, it's a good idea to move to revision 1.3. Solving the explosive nature is the first step, but let's keep that in its own topic:!/test:opgeblazen-ssbs Let's gather a list of things we would like to change in the next revision. I'd like to start with the following: *Connectors* - Molex Micro Fit 3.0 connector for 12-30V DC. The 'sideways' style is nicest - that's the one with the clip in line with the two connections. I'll see if I can find the exact part number for the board mounted part. - 3.5mm jacks instead of 2.5mm for the end stops/sensors. I don't mind a single-supplier part for this (4UCON maybe?) *Mechanical* - Chamfered corners at 45 degrees, like stepper motor bodies. Any chamfer size will do - this will decrease the fragility of the pcb and make it harder to scratch your body parts on the pcb edge. - Two mounting holes on diagonally opposite locations should be plenty. This should allow some more flexibility in component placement and routing

Thu, 14 Aug 2014 17:04:58 GMT

Here is a Molex site parametric search for the correct through-hole connectors:||32~~f33||54696e~~nf36||526967687420416e676c65&channel=Products&key=fb_fan