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Bluebox Update:

Wed, 04 Sep 2019 11:56:06 GMT

Some people wait for the XBTX payment.. I am currently installing the XBTX autopayout on a Box for testing in productive environment. This is the reason I ignored or delayed manually payouts as these would just cost time which is better spend on other things. Off course you can pay the new boxes with XBTX and yes we set again a deadline to tomorrow 16:00 german time to pay BUT if you have XBTX mined already but not yet on your wallet - DON'T PANIC - We won't cancel your order. The deadline is just for "newbies" which are new for us. People asked if they can add own TELOS to blueoxes for additional nodes, this is possible starting next week. Upgrading existing nodes is not possible that way as these will be upgraded sooner or later automagically and too much "handwork" in an automatic system creates problems. But adding more nodes (up to 64 is possible). Dual operation (mining / hosting) is possible too but in that case we will reduce XBTX power to 50% and allow at max 32 Nodes. (can be 32 x 100K or any other tier). As a result of talk at gamescom with some former IBM Chipdesigners we are considering an Miner Module which fits into the Bluebox Pro (instead of an Harddrive)(...alternatively and USB dongle would work). They showed a 2W FPGA which could be adapted to work well with XBTX Mining. But this would be a matter of month not weeks.. so just keep it in mind. Birake Wallet had been adapted to work the same way as the TELOS wallet on Blueboxes and an announcement will follow next week.