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small changes to future Blueboxes are incoming.

Tue, 15 Oct 2019 16:32:19 GMT

First of all each Bluebox will get access to the Bluepool (main target BitcoinSubsidium) as soon public mining is possible (around 40days+ from now). Everyone part of the Bluepool will get a share of so called bubble miners.. these are miners like xMiners in colocation which mine 20% for the Pool. This pool share will be shared with all members independent from their hash rate.. So someone with 100 Blueboxes will get more from these 20% than someone with one xMiner. Also we will add bubble-miners in order to achieve dominance in XBTX mining which will also payout to all participants. So even if Blueboxes themselves may loose ground performance wise, they can still get a decent share form the pool revenue. Another change is that colocation fee goes up from 10 to 30€ for new orders. Oh and if you pay a bluebox straight with telos you get a 30% discount (not applicable to rental buys)