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TELOS and XBTX will become physical

Tue, 17 Sep 2019 16:08:50 GMT

Tangem is currently checking the development requirements. What ? Yeah... You will be able to buy a Hardwarewallet based on Tangems Technology.this year.. and it is the Card-Deck to keep your game Assest from CrypoMages stored in your pocket. Again.. it stores your coins AND your ASSETS ... 2 in 1 . The Wallet will be made availabl in a limited batch of 1000 Cards. Can you store also other coins? Ehm.. yep you can use Tangems iOS/Android App to store whatever they support. Features Secure crypto storage, good for selling and distribution when preloaded. (SPECIAL CARD-DECKS for CryptoMages) Selling crypto currencies in retail Selling and airdropping ICO/ STO/ IEO tokens Selling tokenized assets Low-cost secure hardware wallet Gifts, events, community, promotions Technology The chip inside the card contains a Private key which can’t be extracted or copied. Ever.