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We are looking for writers .. aimed at medium / steemit

Wed, 04 Sep 2019 11:54:56 GMT

but also we would like to reuse / rework and create new ones for a Paper Magazine. The idea to create a Blockchain / Bitcoin / hijacked by TELOS (of course) Magazine came on the Gamescom as we got in Touch with the Return Magazine and talked about advertising. He spoke to much about costs... so I found it manageable especially if you count it as advertising platform. As everything looks quite positive and especially "stable" in terms of regulations I would like to have a PaperMag targeted at Crypto or Bitcoin-interested people. So next time the mainstream papers write about it, we have a shiny mag explaining all basics and introduce them better alternative like TELOS. We don't plan monthly issues , not even every 3 month.. for now it would be something which makes also sense in 1 year.. ISSUE #1 should be something like Bitcoin/ Masternode for Dummies (Basics: Software/ Hardware/ Exchanges like Bitdorado. ... If you are interested to help and write stuff.. Or "Cop ywrite"(rewritten in own words) or translate from german to english or the other way around.. please contact us in #job-postings WIP TITLE