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some easy ways to learn Bahasa according to my point of views.

Thu, 12 Jul 2018 06:32:35 GMT

these are some steps to improve your Bahasa ability: 1. Using Distinct Time Words The first rule of how to learn Bahasa Indonesia fast there are no tenses in Bahasa Indonesia that mean time is related by using distinct time words and also verbs do not conjugate to refer to person or quantity either. 2. Reading Indonesian Book Well, there is no difference in learning Indonesian and English. Just like every languages in the world, Indonesian classifies words from its word class such as nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjective, and pronouns. Indeed, you can follow these steps to learn Bahasa Indonesia fast and how to sound the words like Indonesian. Unlike English, Indonesian sounds the same to the words to spelling the words. There are some new things to this and there are several sounds that will trick English speakers. 3. Learn the Common Phrases In Indonesia 4. Make a Note This is very important for you who learn a language. Because, without a note, you will never know what you have from learning. With a note, you are able to monitor your progress of learning Bahasa. You can ma ke a little note or having a pocket book for guiding you to practice Indonesia language. 5. Join with The Native if you want to get the real atmosphere of Bahasa, then you have to build relation with Indonesian. By doing this way, you won't only learn the language but also add your friendship network. I guess that is all about some easy ways to learn bahasa according to my point of views. Keep Learning and always practice, 'cause practice makes perfect.