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Sun, 22 May 2022 02:38:57 GMT

I can't stop thinking about this case. We've heard a version of the story that makes more sense than anything else we've heard so far, yet there are still so many questions left unanswered. True crime has always interested me and that's because I'm intrigued with the human mind and human behavior. We all know that Bo has not been able to keep his mouth shut. He has claimed that his friend murdered Tara and left her body on his family's pecan orchard. He claims that Ryan broke into her house, jumped on top of her and strangled her. Not only does the evidence not support his story, I find it extremely odd that Bo didn't ask Ryan why he did this. As much as Bo can't not talk, he never asked Ryan WHY???? And if he did ask why there's no reason why he would keep that information disclosed. Bo is keeping information disclosed because it incriminates him further. If he truly only helped dispose of Tara's body, he would have disclosed why Ryan killed her. I also feel like if the two of them killed her together, Bo would squeal about all those details and pin all of it on Ryan. We don't know how Tara was killed b/c the one who's been talking has chosen not to talk. If Ryan was the one who took her out, that asshole Bo would be diarrhea of the mouth....as usual. Ryan had a chance to come forward and he chose not to do so. I'm conflicted with his decision, but at the end of the day he knew right from wrong and he's the one who allowed this case to go cold as long as it has. Tara's family suffered and I know he did too, but the difference is Ryan had a choice and Tara's family didn't.