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Defense Attorney

Wed, 08 Aug 2018 20:34:01 GMT

I find it a bit curious that a defense attorney has not offered to aide RD during this time. As seen in other, difficult/higher profile/news worthy cases (C. Anthony, OJ, etc), a defense attorney has the prospects of attaining much more than simply financial gains from stepping into a case like this one. Why would this be that no one has taken over for the defense of RD? Unless there is alot more that is a definite 'nail in the coffin' that the public is not privy to. The chance at this type of infamous fame would be very tempting to most confident defense attorneys. Leads me to feel there is more concrete evidence and no hope for things to fall in any other direction, unless something changes legally speaking for the defense. Does this make any sense? *I am not an attorney but I am coming from a legal background.