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Tue, 30 Mar 2021 18:22:09 GMT

I have just discovered podcasts while working at home during COVID times. I'm sorry to be joining late. My family has been touched by homicide too--the perpetrator was tried and convicted; but, it's Canada, so he only got about 11 years before he can apply for parole--our penalties are soft. Anyway, I was in tears today hearing that Dusty passed away. He seemed like the best guy and I can see why Payne got so close to him. It's a damn shame that he only had a short time on Earth. I sad for the unfairness of it all--probably as well because he reminds me of one of my kids. I have learned that the brightest lights seem to be the ones that are taken too early, and Dusty seems to have been a very bright light. My deepest condolences to his UAV family as well as his actual family. xo

Sat, 10 Apr 2021 03:47:57 GMT

Prayers for you and your family. It’s definitely frustrating, family member was selfishly taken by homicide, by the time LE finally charged and arrested the person, he had a heart attack and died, doubtful we’ll ever recover her remains.