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GBI mistake or intentional?

Tue, 14 May 2019 07:23:05 GMT

I recently listened to this podcast (big fan!). Anyways, this might seem like a farfetched but I cannot wrap my mind about the fact that the ex-boyfriend has a lot of connection in the police force and these connections repeatedly appeared during the investigation that create some major skepticism throughout the investigation. Though I have read many articles about Bo Duke trial/confession and the outcome as well as the investigation, it still boggles my mind that GBI commits several mistakes as if they don't care to make me question the integrity of the confession. And I think that the crime scene is just too clean and quiet for one person to do it by himself, especially when there is a neighbor watch system involved. And as much as I would like for this case to be closed, I just want to share this thought and see if you can, by any mean, justify my suspicion.