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Got him!

Sat, 05 Jan 2019 22:41:04 GMT

I just saw on Facebook Wilcox County posted they got Bo!

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 08:32:11 GMT

I saw a post that he'd asked Aunt for money so guess he showed up to pick up money and was arrested. I took from post Aunt was working with law enforcement because he threatened her life. Now all this could just be normal rumors.

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 12:54:28 GMT

This time around, wherever he goes to serve his federal time, it won't be cushy. Doubtful the feds will stick him in a minimum security joint, considering he did these crimes and was a fugitive while leading up to his voluntary surrender, which was rescinded. He'll be going to big boy jail now.

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 13:35:48 GMT

Statement from Randy and Suzanne https://imgur.com/gallery/F9Vbt9l

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 13:40:38 GMT

Mugshot! Mugshot! Mugshot! I cannot wait.

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 14:10:19 GMT

Apologies for reposting their statement, I just saw where Georgia1234 had already posted it last night.

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 14:34:48 GMT

Considering it is their FIRST public statement (that I’ve seen) since charges have been brought against these two men, it’s def worth the 2nd post @south. I mean could these people BE more silent??! Yeah and as previously mentioned, worth noting Bo’s mother is not included with her siblings in this statement on behalf of the ‘family’.

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 15:59:48 GMT

Thank goodness I was wrong and he wasn’t half way to Mexico ! So thankful this Sunday he is right where he should have already been. Wonder why they have cut Dixie out of the family ? She didn’t participate in the murder and burning. Just cause she gave birth to Bo or what happened with her and them ? Anybody got the scoop on that ?

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 16:05:51 GMT

Anybody got the mug shot yet ? @ brat can you please give us any details ? Anybody got a pic of him surrounded with all the cops ? Hope they drag him into court with his stripes and shackles , not his suit. Wonder if Ryan and him got to say hi ?? Just where they should be finally. If there is more truth , real truth, not the BS stuff now is the time you pieces of slimmy crap.

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 16:11:33 GMT

I don’t think the judge will give Ryan bail for $10000 for a murder charge. Bo won’t be skating by this time , yippee finally maybe getting closer to Justice for Tara. But who had the black truck Justice referred too, we’ve heard about it a bunch but that’s still part of the puzzle.

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 16:14:11 GMT

Maybe by some miracle one of them will squeal. Like the Deliverence movie “ Squeal boy, squeal like a pig “ hey bubba get you some

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 18:09:19 GMT

What did JB drive in 2005?? And what about this Connor person, what did they drive??

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 18:39:55 GMT

Juliet, how much coffee have you had? 😜

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 20:15:38 GMT

Just a couple so far today , lol , I like to get it all out there . Been busy so it builds up

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 20:56:47 GMT

1.BD 1 2005 dodge 1500 black 2. 1 1997 ford f150 white 3.JB 1 chevy truck black 4. ? 1 ford ranger black ( witness & dr g photo 5.ML 1 ford expedition black torched @sd 6.BC black truck older model unknown ? No confirmation List of known trucks from an old post i had

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 21:30:35 GMT

"Yes, yes, Bubba, Bo has been working on his kegels." SMH. Bubba is so excited.

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 22:40:09 GMT

@Os or @bigsis did BM or HM, or both - drive a black truck at that time?

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 23:30:18 GMT

Does anyone know what Federal Prison he will be placed in? I live in South GA and there is a federal prison located a mile away from my neighborhood!!

Mon, 07 Jan 2019 04:26:59 GMT

His new charges aren't federal, so he should be in a state prison for those and the others. I hope the counties get him first, before the time left to serve from his federal crime. ? As to what Club Fed he'll go to

Mon, 07 Jan 2019 04:29:09 GMT

Don't think it'll be a club fed this time. He violated parole and committed these crimes while under voluntary surrender. Then ran. He ain't going back to a minimum security joint.

Mon, 07 Jan 2019 15:37:09 GMT

The Statement from Hudson's didn't have impact they expected. I agree with others it's all about them, their hearts and souls will never heal comment made them sound so self centerd.

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