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He quoted song lyrics and poems

Fri, 25 Jan 2019 18:30:33 GMT

I am listening to episode 17 season one “the deal”. They are breaking down Ryan's facebook posts. Some are song lyrics he quoted by Eve 6. The song name is “Inside out” and he also quotes a poem by Robert Frost. I am not negating that these posts aren't still showing some sort of feeling etc. Just stating that they aren't original from him. But I am sure someone has noticed that before me. I am just not going to read through all of the posts. lol

Sun, 27 Jan 2019 06:08:06 GMT

Bmacc, you’re right Ryan’s FB posts were discussed, at length. A lot of time spent trying to determine if legitimately Ryan’s account. Especially, in connection with message supposedly sent by him to former teacher basically telling her how he found her attractive. When released, we all questioned PL on authenticity of message to former teacher, PL responded that both the teacher and source of message was confirmed. I’ve really struggled since day one with this piece of info, I’m curious why nothing more has been disclosed or even mentioned about this interaction between Ryan and former teacher. If legit, guess I’m still not convinced, it’s such a telling piece of evidence that could suggests Ryan had tendency to be attracted to female teachers and not too shy from making it known to them directly - - almost too suggestive for me. Very similar to GBI interview summary report of his confession being released in full just as pre-trial activity had finally started. I don’t consider it a simple act of “leaking” his confession, it was GBI official document that I assume w as available to only a limited number of people. Maybe, too much Roswelll & Moon-landing conspiracy theories for me to accept simple truth. Sorry, probably more than you wanted in response, so short version, “Yes”.

Mon, 11 May 2020 21:48:21 GMT

I totally noticed that too! I was shocked that no one picked up on it!