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Home Invasion

Tue, 04 Dec 2018 18:28:22 GMT

I cant get rid of the feeling that Bo and Ryan may have been lying in wait when Tara arrived home and followed her in to the garage and forced her back into her car and took her to the orchard. I believe they may have sexually assaulted her and killed her at that time. They could have then returned her car to her driveway going into her house to stage the house and take a few things while wearing gloves and dropped the glove after dropping the car off and getting into the truck. This would explain why there was no forced entry and the dog was still outside. Just a thought.

Tue, 04 Dec 2018 19:25:17 GMT

Could be. Given Bo and Ryan appear grossly inconsistent in what happened, and given their decision to destroy her body by burning it (a horrendous and unusual act) - I tend to think they are inconsistent, and burned her because they had sexually assaulted Tara.

Tue, 04 Dec 2018 22:43:44 GMT

The burning does not have to be because of sexual assault. I understand what you’re saying - most people would not go to that horrific extreme. It was days later, and during those days a major search was underway. People from all over the area were participating in foot searches of Irwin County. A fair assumption would indicate it wouldn’t be long before they widened the search. I believe the national news was already there, too. A freshly dug grave would’ve been noticed. I hope to God Tara didn’t have to suffer more than they’re saying. It’s sickening enough as it is. Justice for Tara.

Wed, 05 Dec 2018 15:04:44 GMT

Yes - Justice for Tara. Sexual assault is within the realm of possibilities and would explain some of the unanswered questions with one being burning Tara. For example if he/they thought they needed gloves and went to the trouble of getting gloves - why would one be left at the house? Why in the one confession we read is Ryan claiming he doesn't remember if he used gloves - given he has a story of why he has gloves at home, how he uses gloves at home (cat litter), but doesn't remember if he used them in this crime? Did he use them in the supposed other break-ins? IDK maybe they didn't ask him. But - I think he's lying about not remembering if he used gloves in this crime. And IF he/they used gloves, he/they could have overlooked leaving one at the house because he/they were changing gloves and lost track of one. Or once out of the house, where they were needed - pulled them off and dropped one - moving on to a scenario in which he/they didn't think they were needed. Why might gloves no longer be needed? Maybe because he/they knew her body had to be completely de stroyed - and this, before any search effort had begun. In whatever manner one might be thinking of hiding Tara's sacred body - (burying, etc) there would be a chance of discovery and to minimize incriminating evidence, one would continue with wearing gloves. But someone took a glove off. It didn't fall off and it wasn't discarded because the glove lost integrity (i.e. ripped). Who knows. Yet in continuing with this line of reasoning the idea of destroying her body may've occurred early and possibly due to the nature of the crime/s. Justice for Tara.