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I just finished season 1..

Tue, 21 May 2019 19:55:18 GMT

and I would love to hear from others who have been on this site since day one, I loved this podcast so much and I was wishing by the end of it all, there would be some closer. I have googled and I am still a bit confused. what exactly is happening with the case's? Is bo dukes in jail? I have read conflicting articles, and I feel like I can get the better picture from you fine people! what exactly is going on with ryan duke? I see his trail as been postponed. I have to admit, I think Brooke is a shady "witness" and I fully do not support anything she has to say about ANYTHING in this case. My first reaction with her involvement in being the tipster is that she just wants that reward money, I think she sucks (lol). Was that money ever given away?