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I know there is no evidence to support this, but....

Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:01:59 GMT

I have a strong feeling and opinion that Ryan didn’t do the actual killing of Tara, but rather that Bo did. The man is an arrogant ass!! Also he’s the one with a criminal record (embezzling from the army) and is currently being investigated for raping and sodomizing 2 women. I have yet to hear of any criminal background belonging to Ryan. I have a feeling Ryan is so distraught because he has been tormented all of these years by Bo threatening him if he strays from the story that’s currently being told. I think Bo would be much more capable of killing than Ryan and it would make more sense for Bo to take Tara to the pecan orchard and then ask Ryan for help. There’s something about the current story though that is JUST OFF to me and I don’t buy it, period!!!

Fri, 21 Feb 2020 19:19:15 GMT

I feel the same way. Early podcast said that Ryan didn’t fit the mould of the people that Bo and everyone hung out with. There were multiple people there that night. All “friends” maybe they made up this story for everyone to stick with? Like they planned it all out especially with the phone call. My gut tells me, they played him. Like they made this massive plan to have all guys be each other’s alibis and who knows. Maybe Bo said he could get Ryan out of it, since his family was high up in the political realm. But they turned on Ryan and he feels defeated because, why try to fight against multigenerational family members with a lot of power.

Sat, 22 Feb 2020 14:18:09 GMT

I agree that I don’t think Bo did it but I have another theory based on some of the stuff we heard in the podcast. I’m thinking that Ryan was drunk & blacked out that night & so Bo just told Ryan he did it but really Bo did it. I also think it was late at night after most everyone else gone from the party except ryan, who was passed out & bo, who got tara there some how. Maybe she had come earlier & was drugged & maybe she came earlier but people didn’t want to admit it because they didn’t Want to be involved with her murder or be a suspect. So anyways, I think Bo killed her then made ryan believe it was him when he was blacked out drunk but said he’s help him clean up & hide it because it was on his families land. The reason I think that is from the guy that gave that random dude who we think may have been ryan a ride & had told him that he was told he killed someone while drunk or somewhere along those lines. It’s been a minute since I’ve listened to the podcast so ai don’t remember it all exactly but I do remember that.

Tue, 03 Mar 2020 14:32:20 GMT

what about the glove with Ryan's DNA and Tara's? don't think anyone can explain that one away

Tue, 03 Mar 2020 23:07:11 GMT

It’s a mixture of touch DNA...plenty of doubt in that !!