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If Bo Killed Tara, he wouldn’t tell Ryan

Thu, 14 Jul 2022 01:31:54 GMT

According to Ryan’s story, Bo killed Tara, and he told Ryan the next day. It just doesn’t make any sense. Ryan said Bo took him to the body, and asked him to help. Helping what? Bo had a vehicle himself, his family owned the pecan orchard. He could take care of the body himself. What would Bo possibly need from Ryan? If I killed someone, and I am capable of taking care of the body on my own. I wouldn’t tell my or friends. On the other hand, if Ryan killed Tara, it would make a lot more sense. Because Ryan had to tell Bo, he needed Bo’s truck and Bo’s family orchard. Ryan couldn’t took care the body himself without Bo’s resources.

Wed, 07 Sep 2022 10:23:55 GMT

Not saaying that Bo did kill Tara, but I don't think him telling Ryan makes it less believable. Killers often like to tell other people. If they are smart they shouldn't but many want to and do. Also Ryan stated that when Bo arrived at the trailer he was kind of dazed and out of it. He told Ryan what he did. It wasn't until Ryan left and came back that Bo snapped out of it and.got focused on what he needed to do to hide thus. At that point Ryan knew and he used his as help. Not saying Ryan was telling the truth but moving a body wouldn't be easy no matter how small and it seems Bo used Ryan in thier relationship before like staying at his house and even having a bedroom over Ryan

Thu, 17 Nov 2022 23:57:52 GMT

I think in the last clue on the last episode definitely made more sense. I mean most 21 year olds do in fact get so drunk that they don’t remember. So if Ryan did pass out but not Bo, he would have done it and played the “you don’t remember?” Game. And being scared and a kid he did believe instead of asking the right questions. I believe a friend of Ryan’s even said he was not that smart to pull this off. Also Bo would know more about what to do to get rid of a body because his grandfather was DA. So I mean the evidence against him is showing his aggressive/anger issues. I’ve read some articles online of women coming forward of being SA’d by Bo either at knife point or just taken advantage of. And then to say he watched her burn was just added to the craziness to it’s

Mon, 23 Jan 2023 16:42:18 GMT

Why wouldn't Bo tell Ryan... He now in his mind had a less smarter friend to put the blame on if and when this came out.