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New and totally obsessed listener!

Sun, 07 Nov 2021 04:50:04 GMT

Wow. Just finished s1… The hardest part was searching for more online and realizing that the truth in Tara’s death has yet to be discovered. I’m with y’all about her being present at the party. Didn’t we hear, about midway through the season, that a neighbour passed by and saw her car wasn’t there at a certain time early that morning? Am I getting info confused? She must have been in touch with someone who was at the pecan farm party before the BBQ, was invited out, ended up going, and shit went bad after that. A theory on here talked about the possibility of gang rape… It’s revolting to think about, but Bo’s history of violence and sexual assault has me thinking he may have coerced the others to join in. Anyone have more up-to-date info or theories on the case?

Tue, 16 Nov 2021 12:17:26 GMT

I'm a new listener as well and just finished Season 1. I tend to think along those same lines as to what happened. Now looking for updates