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Questions and Thoughts

Wed, 20 Apr 2022 20:25:54 GMT

Listening to Brooke's story, she said that Bo did not like to go to the orchard, there was just something about it. Yet, he went there many times after, to bring other woman, I think to recreate/remember what they had done. I think he enjoyed going back there. Also, regarding the phone call made from the pay phone, would records show if she picked up or only that a call was made. Was just wondering, because what if Bo or Ryan called her house, and she answered? That could explain her bed appearing to have been slept in. They called and woke her up. And maybe they said something to convince her to leave (someone needed help or anything), and that is when all the events were set into motion of her murder. She put the dog out. She drove the car to wherever. Then after she was killed, one drove the car back (the seat was pushed back) and the other followed. They put her phone back in the house to make sure if it was "pinged" it would show at her house, using her keys to unlock the door, so no sign of forced entry, and when they left, they took the keys and purse and threw th em away. There is no actual time of death, so who is to say it wasn't in the early hours after midnight, or anytime Sunday, Monday? The fact is, all we have is two people, who have both lied, telling a story. They could have kept her alive for days before killing her. All anyone knows is that she went home at 11:00 and that was last anyone saw her, other than Bo and Ryan.