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Relationship Gone Wrong...w Bo?

Fri, 13 Mar 2020 07:41:41 GMT

After finishing Season 1 (technically I’m still on Blackout Part 2), I decided to start Google Image searching everyone she supposedly was dating at the time (plus Bo). I couldn’t help but notice that Anothony V, Marcus H, Heath D, and even Bo Dukes were all very similar looking. A bit in the chunky side with brown hair. Do you remember when the one guy’s wife said she slept with Bo and he tied her to the Pecan Tree? That woman claimed it was dark and scary, with photo proof of the incident. What if Tara was seeing Bo casually (hence why Melba thought she was off to see an old student) and was at his party (or was called for a booty call after everyone passed out)? He very easily could have tied her naked to a tree like that man’s ex. Remember, Bo was accused of rape at one point. Bo probably killed her during this time. He called Ryan out to show him what happened. And pressured Ryan into helping him cover it all. With the fire, driving the car back, faking a b reak in. Bo could have easily tried to frame Ryan with that glove. I feel like this is the ONLY story where all the pieces come together.