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Ryan Duke's Trial

Thu, 04 Jul 2019 20:21:15 GMT

Ok, here is my question. Why is it so hard for the state of Georgia to find the funds to help Ryan with the costs of his lawyers and witnesses?! It is seriously sad, that he is begging them for help, and at this point it seems like they do not want to help him. He cannot afford them on his own. Are there no lawyers in Georgia working pro bono cases anymore for clients who might be innocent? This is heartbreaking watching him go through this. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard, and defended to the fullest. What ever happened to " justice for all" ?

Sat, 06 Jul 2019 06:20:55 GMT

I take out of this whole pile of shambles that yes it does suck and it's not fair on him but he now has the merchants and Gibbs law firm behind them and they are not going to go through all this with out some contingency plan if it doesn't get approved I think the biggest win for them has been the delay in this trial it has given them the time to sift through this case file which had the supreme court never have been involved they wouldn't have had the chance. Their are too many inconsitancies from bo's version and the police narrative to be gospel and this time will have allowed them to rip the prosecutions lack of evidence and theory to shreds