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Season 1 Episode 17- FB posts

Wed, 15 Sep 2021 19:53:13 GMT

Did anyone notice that one of Ryan's posts was actually song lyrics? Eve6- Heart in a Blender- "Tick tock of the clock is painful, all sane and logical"

Mon, 11 Oct 2021 16:43:41 GMT

I have listened to season 1 several times and this is my take. A. Dog was supposedly outside B. There was debris under Tara's car C. Guy gives kid a ride and is told that kids friends told him he killed someone. D. Ryan is a follower E. Bo is an alpha F. Bo tied woman to tree, naked, in a pecan orchard G. Bo is a violent rapist With the dog outside and the debris under the car, it seems to me that Tara did not go home as thought, for whatever reason, she went to the orchard where groups gathered to party. I would assume that something went sideways and Tara was raped, possibly gang raped, and killed, maybe intentionally, maybe not, but with the woman being tied to the tree in the orchard and the later events of rape at gunpoint by Bo Dukes, it is more plausible that Bo was the perpetrator of these crimes as opposed to Ryan. There is no way to be certain if Ryan was there or participated in the rape and murder, but if he was the kid that got the ride from the man at the bar, then it could be believed that at some point around the time of Tara's murder, he was passed out and when he came to, it is completely believable, that Bo fed him the story that Ryan had raped and killed Tara and Ryan being the follower with the need to please the alpha and fit in, believed every word that was fed to him. Ryan may not be guilty of anything more than helping to dispose of the body and that would have been easy for Bo to accomplish because he had already convinced Ryan of his actions and guilt. It is obvious that Bo is a master manipulator and probably borders if not crosses the line in to sociopathic behavior. Brooke is just as bad because she knows and not only enables him but aids him in his quest to once again avoid receiving his just punishment. She may act like an innocent victim but the way she helped him spin this, she is no better than Bo. I think that the influence that Bo's family wields and the fact that Ryan is a nobody with no money and not influence, it has allowed Bo to create a narrative that paints Ryan as the murderer and paint himself out of the picture. My fervent wish is that for the remainder of his sentence, that Bo Dukes spends his time in prison grabbing his ankles and getting raped as he did Tara.