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Season 1

Thu, 25 Jul 2019 02:09:59 GMT

I haven't finished season one. I know I just started though. I think I'm on episode 13, but I have a theory? And maybe question? Clearly Tara likes attention, especially male attention. She is 'seeing' several guys at once and has apparently cheated in the past. She also had a relationship with the prior student. I wonder how well he knew Duke/Dukes? Well enough for them to call him so he can hear them hurting her? I wonder if maybe they did the call supposedly came from a known drug dealers house and these two were thought to take drugs. Maybe they also had crushes and it ticked them off that this younger guy got a chance with her. Also I think that Bo is the obvious leader. I haven't heard much but I have a feeling that Bo is from money and used to getting what he wants. Ryan is a follower. Which is how these dynamics usually work. Id say Ryan is the bystander with a guilty conscious but Bo has money, a powerful family and no conscious. So Ryan is going to go down for something Bo probably did. Bo has a lawyer and cuts a deal. Bye Ryan. I would even venture to say R yan may have had a fling with Tara or maybe had a chance at one and Bo was jealous. Or maybe one of them were just infatuated. I also think that Tara liked Alpha males. The ex military boyfriend comes across as controlling maybe why he started seeing a 18 year old which makes you think she would be easier to control and expect less from him. The prior student and the issue where the cops were called. The Cop from the other county calling 29 times. They all have a controlling side. I might be way out in left field I know I haven't finished the season but needed an outlet for all the things I have been yelling at my phone.

Thu, 25 Jul 2019 12:43:10 GMT

I’m sure they all know each other. Bo’s family does have money , maybe not his immediate but definitely the pecan orchards generated a huge profit. They even export to China and think I had read about 5 million pounds of nuts roll thru yearly. Yes he’s a big fat spoiled brat that was never held accountable. Wonder when his other cases will happen. Not sure how his mom was cut out but apparently she was at some point. Tara did seem to have a thing for law enforcement guys. Ryan at first claimed he didn’t know it was her house and then on oxygen show claimed he and Tara had a thing going on. Personally I don’t believe Ryan or Bo. Ryan’s story has changed several times so if you tell the truth your story should be the same.

Thu, 25 Jul 2019 16:57:45 GMT

Unrelated, did anyone else get the vibe from some of Tara's letters to Marcus that "the grudge" he supposedly had from three years prior was her cheating? Unrelated to the case really, just wanted to know if anyone else got that vibe.