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Tara's dog

Thu, 19 Sep 2019 15:38:13 GMT

I've just caught up with the entire season 1 and bonus content. One thing I am constantly brought back to is Tara's dog. Do we know if friends & neighbors were questioned about Dolly's behavior? (i.e. did she bark a lot? was she calm or jumpy towards people as they entered the home? was she nervous around new people or strangers?) As a dog owner, I know if a stranger came into my house in the middle of the night, or abducted me in the driveway, etc. my dog would go nuts. Just thinking about the different scenarios that could have played out, but also Bo's and Ryan's stories specifically, as we're getting bits and pieces and as the trial nears... I would be interested to know what the expected behavior would have been from the dog, so we could know how the dog might have acted when the killer supposedly arrived. Also, the dog being outside vs. inside is very telling... if she was abducted or killed in her home, the dog would have been inside with her... so was the killer then able to calmly get the dog to go back outside with him when he left? And why would he even take t he dog back outside? And the dog didn't attack him when he knocked out Tara?? I feel like there are more clues to be discussed with this dog!

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 17:30:55 GMT

Yea if a random guy went in my yard my dogs would start barking. And i have two dogs so you can hear the barking. Or her dog was not much of a barker but it's still weird how the neighbors did not hear anything. : Jacob