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The Glove

Fri, 20 Jan 2023 15:58:13 GMT

I have binged most of season 1 over the last couple of days. I have a million things to ask and/or verify, there is one idea that I want to throw out there. When it comes to the glove, I do understand why it is suspicious and many people find it odd. I think Dr. Godwin clarified it some when he mentioned that it isn’t something most people have at home and typically the people who do have them and use them regularly are usually paramedics/EMTs, beat cops/detectives, and FD if they are certified to begin giving first aid before EMS arrive. By I will tell you, I keep them in my car, my purse, my home in multiple rooms…I have them anywhere I go. This is for a variety of reasons. I keep them in my car and purse in case of emergencies or even to use when my kids and I found kittens on the side of the road. I didn’t want to just barehand pick them up and put them in the box, because we have cats at home and I didn’t want to pass any illness/disease the kittens may have to my cats at home. And for the record, I also have at least one tourniquet, a CPR mask (to put over someon e’s face so I can do CPR but have a barrier between my mouth and theirs), trauma shears, a very well stocked first aid kit and basic things in case my car breaks down or something. My point is, I am a germaphobe, OCD and have issues touching certain textures. So, I always have latex gloves, size small, in various colors but mainly blue or black. It is said multiple times by multiple people that Tara’s house was spotless and her car was just as clean and organized. If Tara was a germaphobe, OCD, or just didn’t want her hands to smell like cleaners but hated the thicker dishwashing gloves other people use, it is possible the glove came from her. Where was her trash can? Is it possible the glove had fallen out when she took out the trash or something? Just food for thought. My belief is the glove is mostly a diversion tactic someone used. I also don’t feel it is as important as other evidence like her necklace/clasp that was found and who tampered with the window latch and if Tara asked her father or a friend to come repair it…

Mon, 23 Jan 2023 16:58:19 GMT

Episode 19 Brooke's story: Brooke states I am a medical profession.....hmmm medical profession = Gloves. Brooke = Bo's girlfriend so that's a little interesting to me. Also in that episode she states she couldn't remember Bo's roommates name....but the night this happened she can remember who was at Bo's party? I'm sorry what girlfriend doesn't know her boyfriends roommate's name? Brooke is very sketchy to me she definitely knows way more than she admitted to.