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The money found in Tara's car

Thu, 03 Mar 2022 20:29:44 GMT

If they are charging Duke with Burglary if he was actually intending to take anything from Tara and never touched the $100 cash she had in her car, seems weird he'd leave that unless he did not see it. Also, since the seat was put back in her car were they able to get prints and fibers off of that seat or areas near that to prove who could have actually been in her car?

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 17:07:47 GMT

well he could of used the car to go to the pecaun farm but he did not know that there was a $100 dollar bill. But the mud he had to of taken the car because of her keys could of been in her bag and he could of took them out of the bag to take her to the pecaun farm to burn her body and then burry her body. But after he burnted her body and he never noiticed the money in her car and was to fultsrated to even grab it but how would know if it was Duke was in her car. But what if it was the new people who moved in to Tara's house and pushed the seat back and it was her money in the car.;Christan.W.