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The money found in Tara's car

Thu, 03 Mar 2022 20:29:44 GMT

If they are charging Duke with Burglary if he was actually intending to take anything from Tara and never touched the $100 cash she had in her car, seems weird he'd leave that unless he did not see it. Also, since the seat was put back in her car were they able to get prints and fibers off of that seat or areas near that to prove who could have actually been in her car?

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 14:55:09 GMT

Jhordan C. Hillmon: I just don't know why Ryan left that money in Tara's Mitsubishi. He may not have seen the envelope in the seat, but we don't know if Ryan was the one who pushed back the driver's seat or not. When Ryan DID kill Tara and he needed a car, he could've snatched the keys to the Mitsubishi and drove to the peacock farm, even though he did go there using Bo's truck. I'm 75% sure that Ryan was the one who used Tara's car to take the body to the peacock farm to erase the evidence. It does seem weird to leave a $100 envelope inside the Mitsubishi like that and if they would've known that, Ryan wouldn't be charged with burglary.

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 16:31:01 GMT

I'm kind of wondering what they're talking about. if he would have robbed her why did he take the money out of her car. A lady for a bloke or 2 down said the car was not there and when the car got back the 100 dollars. Tara took her phone everywhere and her phone was in the house and they left the dog outside to make it look like tara was not there bc when she got home she let her dog inside .when she is not there the dog goes outside when she is home the dog goes inside so it is not adding up. -Taylor emeott

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 17:15:41 GMT

Why would he rob her but did not get the money in the car? that's not smart so it sounds like the one that was robbing her was a smart person in the podcast It was not that smart to do that by himself. -Kaiden