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Wed, 27 May 2020 19:32:58 GMT

In one of the episodes there was an interview with someone that stated Tara may have gone to the Pecan orchard and overdosed. Payne said he thought it was weird because Tara didn't do drugs or drink, but what if she did that night? I cant shake the feeling that this story would align better with the facts of the case. What if Tara did know Ryan and she met up with him for a bonfire after she got back from the BBQ. I am curious about this theory because it would seem to explain why there was mud on her tires, why her door was locked, and why her dog was left outside. Maybe she knew Ryan as this has been stated as a possibility in another episode. She met up with Ryan and Bo at the orchard for a party. She wasn't in the best state because she was grieving about her breakup with Marcus and was talked into either taking drugs or maybe she could have been drugged by Ryan or Bo. People have stated that Tara wouldn't do that, but she did act out of character at the BBQ by eating meat when she doesn't eat meat. So there is some evidence for acting out of character. Also the f act that she expressly stated she was going home after the BBQ to watch a pageant video is odd because of how specific it was. Usually people don't do that unless its not true. Also the pageant video was never found. Maybe she was devastated from the breakup with Marcus and went to this party to get it off her mind. Tried some sort of drug or maybe was drugged and ended up overdosing. Ryan and Bo panicked and believed her to be dead. Instead of reporting it and getting in trouble for drugs and possibly looking like they killed a woman, they decided to cover it up. So they drove her car back to her house so it wouldn't look like that Ryan and Bo were involved. Dumped her keys and purse because there were fingerprints on them and then came back to the orchard to burn the body. That would explain the muddy tires and why Brooke said they took "her car". I guess this wouldn't explain the broken lamp in the house, but when you are going through a breakup things are hard. Maybe that was broken a different way and Tara just had not replaced it yet. A lamp is the last thing you are concerned with when you are depressed. And it sounded like she was having a really hard time given the emails to Marcus' mom. I am sure there are many flaws with this theory, but thought I would share. People act out of character when they are grieving from a break up or other loss and she may have not been herself and gotten into a bad situation. Thoughts??