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Was hopeful, now disappointed

Tue, 31 May 2022 20:10:29 GMT

I started listening to the podcast after my fiance heard about the trial. I was very intrigued to hear about the case and investigation. I was skeptical about crime podcasts for various reasons and unfortunately, this podcast was also a huge letdown. First off, after hours of listening and hoping for real results, there was a break in the case that had nothing to do with this podcast. If it wasn't for the anonymous tip to law enforcement, Payne would still be peddling his theories around Ocilla and still going in the wrong direction. Then, to find out Ryan was acquitted of the murder with no other charges or suspects to pursue, I was really disappointed. And [Ryan's acquittal for murder] further confirmed that this podcast, or "investigation," if you could call it that, had no clue what was going on nor was going in any sort of direction to find anything remotely truthful. Even further, was even in a position to begin with to find the truth and carry out a real investigation. I mean the one guy he had on the podcast who had been investigating for YEARS wasn't close to so lving it. Instead, Payne made some claims that had very little basis in evidence, disguised as questions in his dialogue throughout the podcast. For example, the event where the Irwin County Deputy got to the Ben Hill County line and got a call to not enter Ben Hill County. I can't remember exactly what he said, but he had to sensationalize it and ask outlandish questions about police cover-ups, etc. I think I remember him saying something like, "Who would have called that deputy, that the deputy would have trusted so much that he would listen to that person and turn around?" I mean very simply, it could be that it wasn't in Irwin County's jurisdiction, and his superior told him not to cross jurisdictions. I'm not saying that is the case, but that it fully could be something that simple, instead of some conspiracy or event that is going to break the case. With the risk of sounding cynical, this podcast had no bearing or effect on finding real justice and would argue, that it got in the way in some cases. Payne just made this podcast about himself and "being a part of the narrative." The podcast was also an echo chamber of how podcasts like this help cold cases, but only when he realized his investigation was going nowhere. I mean really, this podcast boasted the whole time about how they could potentially solve the case, then just settled with saying that podcasts like this actually help these cold cases, quite a stretch. If anyone is having trouble understanding what I mean, go watch the documentary about the "murder" of the girl at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, "Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel." A perfect example of what I am talking about. To spoil it, it ended up that the girl was having a schizophrenic episode, went to the roof of the hotel to hide (because of the intense paranoia), looked in the water tank, fell in, and tragically drowned. But the documentary highlighted to massive online "investigation" and how it hindered the case. I'm not making a direct comparison to UAV, but similar nonetheless. This is not a personal attack on Payne, or anyone related to the case. Just another perspective. I wish podcasts like this really helped, but again, came up with literally nothing related to helping the case. Please, if Payne found any NEW information, please highlight it. NOT info the GBI or law enforcement is hiding (which is completely understandable, outside the public records laws), or something someone told law enforcement years before, or some loose stories from years before, actually NEW info. I am open to being corrected about this After all, I listened to the whole thing to find out the truth. It was as simple as it could have been, either Ryan or Bo was going to rob or sexually assault Tara, he killed her, and disposed of her body with the help of the other. I hope the families and everyone related finds peace and resolution. I'm not going to entertain people who want to turn this personal. This is my opinion and is subject to change with new information. This is not personal in any way, just an honest critique.

Thu, 02 Jun 2022 11:14:29 GMT

The podcast only covers half of the turmoil involved in this case throughout the podcast you had Bo dukes trolling and commenting in the discussion board , alot of people and things discovered by those listening and discussing got actively pursued in the court hearings , family members and people closely related all watched and monitored the discussions held this place really was a sh#t show at times but everyone one knows there is more to this Bo and Ryan are both deusches for the rolls they played but they did not have the pull or influence to create the perfect storm that encapsulates this case we will never know the true depth of this but I don't doubt it did happen