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A different scenario

Thu, 06 Dec 2018 14:05:51 GMT

I know that this is season one, and the conversation has moved on, but I’ve got a question: even if we knew who committed the crime, without a confession how would anyone know how the crime occurred? (That she was killed by strangulation, for instance, with the killer’s “bare hands.) With all the talk about Ryan being less likely to do something like murder, and Bo being more so, is it possible that Ryan’s crime could be kidnapping? Perhaps Tara caught him robbing her house?. Maybe they were quarreling. Maybe something else was happening and he — for whatever reason — made her leave with him. Sometime later Bo entered the picture and, maybe he freaked out for some reason (like he was scared about what would happen when Tara was freed), so he decided to kill her. From all I’ve heard so far, that seems plausible to me. One other question: what about all the other odd things in the case? You’ve lifted up a whole lot of questionable things that occurred around the time of the disappearance. With Ryan and Bo charged with the murder, how are the actions of all tho se other potential suspects explained? Thanks for this podcast. I’m really curious to hear how it ends, and to listen to season 2.