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Bo Charges

Wed, 11 Dec 2019 00:53:51 GMT

UAV https://imgur.com/a/TheaVHV

Sat, 14 Dec 2019 02:47:04 GMT

According to one of the women, they needed a ride somewhere (details were vague as to the locations of point A and point B) and apparently Bo was there to oblige. She said he seemed nice enough at first but while they were en route to point B, he told them he needed to make a quick stop at his house and invited them inside when they got there. She had a bad feeling about excepting his offer but not bad enough to pass up the chance to relieve her bladder. They followed him into the house and things got real dark and twisted real fast. I think she said she was in her late thirties and from what I can gather, she's been catching rides from strangers most of her adult life. Despite the warnings from her family and friends about what could happen to her, if they weren't readily available to take her where ever she needed to go, she would accept a ride from just about anybody with a working vehicle. She claimed nothing like this had ever happened to her before and that she had learned her lesson in one of the worst ways possible. I'm not claiming that her vague account of the events that took place on New Year's Day is the gospel truth, but after everything I've learned about Bo it makes more sense to me than his warped version.

Sat, 14 Dec 2019 17:03:11 GMT

So.... this is a WhatsApp screenshot. Unsure how this is a valid story not knowing the individuals who were involved in this conversation. No persons are identified thus this is as baseless as the theories of what Bo allegedly did to those women seen on the Ring Video Doorbell. While Some assumed Bo would use a similar story days after the alleged rape this is just a screenshot to me. At the current time. with no further info, to base its credibility it is just an image someone posted on the internet.

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 04:47:55 GMT

Would be interesting to see an actual police report for both of his rape indictments. It's crazy to me that Brooke was a party to both events. I don't think there are coincidences in crime sprees like this where predators like Bo are involved.

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 09:33:54 GMT

@georgia, you’re right - that is crazy. If Brooke walked in on him in 2019 and was a witness or whatever in 2017- at least knew about 2017- it makes me wonder about all the times Bo DIDN’T get caught.

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 15:36:45 GMT

@nachos I removed the family member's name out of respect. This is what they were told by LE with regards to the incident. I have no stake in this as to whether or not it is factual, I am just sharing what I was asked to. I personally put nothing past that psycho, but that is a matter of opinion.

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 17:57:29 GMT

I have no reason to doubt you @bj but sans any explanation as to its origin I felt I’d add my reservations. Thanks for sharing

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 18:09:28 GMT

Also WTH is actually known about Bo’s charges that somehow were put through recently stemming from an incident in 2017? Does anyone know when the accuser first came to LE? Do we know if LE had investigated it previous to Ryan’s arrest or Bo’s for that matter? It’s absurd that A) it may’ve not been investigated B) looked into and disregarded for a number of reasons and C) then filed arrest charges years later with I assume no new physical or testimony being brought forward into that incident. Could Bo’s 2019 allegations have been levied against him and thus give the 2017 incident validity. This is all so fucky

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 18:12:05 GMT

Info on 2017 charges: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.walb.com/2019/10/28/bo-dukes-indicted-january-houston-co-sex-charge/%3foutputType=amp

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 20:44:32 GMT

Thanks @red Still many questions to be answered by LE and prosecutors as to why charges weren’t filed immediately. Leads me to believe they were protecting Bo or Bo’s story that implicated Ryan unless new evidence was put in front of their eyes. Otherwise it could be that the 2019 New Years incident looks like it tipped the scales which is very poor prosecutorial discretion. Evidence leads the case not circumstances

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 20:49:36 GMT

I can’t even fathom how the 2017 victim felt when she saw the 2019 rape accusations and Bo being on the run. From what was reported, she did everything a victim should do - went to the hospital and reported she was assaulted.

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 22:51:17 GMT

@georgia - it really must have terrible for her. It’s possible the police didn’t believe her or felt at first that they couldn’t make a case against Bo if it was his word against hers. Maybe when the Jan 2019 incident happened the police regretted not charging Bo the first time.

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 23:00:31 GMT

@nacho - On the other hand, it does look like law enforcement and/or prosecutors in Bo’s and Ryan’s cases intentionally withheld information from the public and from Ryan’s attorneys about the 2017 charges.

Tue, 17 Dec 2019 00:20:01 GMT

@red I’m unsure if Perry police or local Sheriffs were inclined to present Ryan’s counsel with a police report on an alleged rape that was never deemed necessary for prosecution. That seems outside of the purview of SOP but maybe something could’ve been forwarded but I don’t think LE were responsible to give Ashleigh anything on an non indicted investigation. Now if it was in the GBI files for Tara’s case and never given to Ryan’s counsel then that’s another bag of potatoes

Tue, 17 Dec 2019 15:54:53 GMT

That bag of potatoes being the Rules of Discovery... § 17-16-1 "Possession, custody, or control of the state or prosecution" means an item which is within the possession, custody, or control of the prosecuting attorney or any law enforcement agency _*involved in the investigation of the case being prosecuted*_. Giving notice to the defense prior to the indictments being handed down in October about the accusations against Bo from January 2017 were subject to the discretion of the Houston County SO and/or DA Hartwig. I don't know much about Hartwig but I can't recall hearing anything unsavory about the fella. As to why a year and ten months passed before he presented Bo's charges to a grand jury is beyond me. While certain LE officers involved in the investigation of Tara's case were likely made aware of these accusations in January 2017, it doesn't mean that any effort was made to share this information with Bowden. If the DA doesn't have any kind of docum entation of the alleged incident then there's really nothing for him to produce to the defense. The same would apply to the GBI's file. _It is what it is_....🤷🏼‍♀️.

Tue, 17 Dec 2019 16:14:19 GMT

Anyone remember the waits24 character? https://www.muut.com/upandvanished#!/@waits24 This thread is interesting but you have to read the comments from other users in between waits24's comments because waits24 would post something and then quickly delete it. A couple of the users were able to catch those comments and share them before they were deleted. https://www.muut.com/upandvanished#!/general:32-thursday

Wed, 18 Dec 2019 02:25:25 GMT

@south, thanks that’s a great throwback Tuesday. Will take a minute to go back thru all of it. Good refresher info and stuff for anybody who missed it originally. One question where’s Brat , still around here somewhere I hope.

Wed, 18 Dec 2019 23:27:26 GMT

I can’t open the screenshots on that thread :( I don’t remember this waits character. Now I’m intrigued.

Fri, 20 Dec 2019 14:10:00 GMT

@georgia, no go for me on screenshots but enjoying the 8000 comments. That was some discussion board back then. Whoever can refresh on all that stuff if they want. Omg some of the posters names alone, is crazy. The board is pretty slow these days but guess it’s all back to the Supreme Court ruling, not much to discuss till then.

Sun, 22 Dec 2019 04:33:39 GMT

I do happen to know that the 2017 rape case did NOT show up when searched via open records request in the past year by someone who most definitely should have been able to track it down (hope that makes sense, bad wording). I wish I could give more detail but I know this to be true. So yep, seems to me it was buried. And with the timing of everything in early 2017 I guess I could see why, but damn GBI is gonna take an accused rapists word? I guess after Ryan gave his "confession" why dig anymore and mess up what they thought was a done deal. It's still SHOCKING.

Sun, 22 Dec 2019 16:36:16 GMT

Yep. This was supposed to be an open-and-shut case in early 2017, where everyone else walked away smelling like a rose. Oops.