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Bo kills Tara while Ryan is drunk, then convinces Ryan he killed her while drunk

Mon, 26 Jun 2023 03:57:21 GMT

After listening to the last few episodes. Ryan being drunk and admitting to the man that took him home that night that someone "informed" him that he killed Tara puts more blame on Bo. Odd in the first place that Ryan would have had Bo's truck and taken the body to his property if he killed her. If Ryan and Bo were friends and Bo knew Ryan would get blackout drunk and then forget what he did - what a perfect opportunity to rape and kill Tara (his history is suspicious of this, as well as this would explain the bedframe), and then have someone to blame, "Ryan, you did this while you were drunk." Also, if Ryan admitted to being blackout drunk, and to my memory from listening to the podcast, his friends confirmed that, how could he then, 4 days later, surprise Bo with information that he had killed Tara? He would have had to not blacked out and had memory of the occurance. Foolproof "alaby" for the assumed criminal genius, Bo. This could also possibly explain why Ryan admitted to killing her at first, if to his knowledge he thought he had killed her and didn't remember, and why Bo, who claimed Ryan, "Never told him the details" seems to know most of the details. Almost lioe Bo came to Ryan after Bo killed her and said, "Ryan, look what you did! You killed her and brought her here and now you brought me into this. You were drunk, but you broke into her house, you (fill in details). How could you? We have to hide this man, you can't get caught." I could he wrong, but from a psychological perspective and looking at who seems to have the most potential of being a criminal mastermind from both their history and hearing people's testimonies of them on the podcast, Bo did it while Ryan was blackout drunk, framed him on purpose, and then convinced Ryan he had done it while he was drunk.